Deck the Halls: Decorating Kids' Rooms with Christmas Decals

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The holiday season is a magical time of year, and one of the best ways to spread the Christmas cheer is by decorating your children's rooms with festive and whimsical decor. Christmas decals are a fun, easy, and mess-free way to transform any space into a winter wonderland. In this blog, we'll explore the joys of decorating kids' rooms with Christmas decals, from choosing the right designs to installation tips and creative ideas to make the room a cozy and enchanting holiday haven.

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Christmas Decals: These come in a wide variety of designs, including snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus, ornaments, and more. You can find them at your local stores or order online to match your child's preferences.

  2. Clean Surfaces: Ensure that the walls or furniture you plan to decorate with decals are clean and dry. Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces.

  3. Measuring Tools: A tape measure or a ruler can help you ensure that the decals are spaced evenly and applied straight.

  4. Scissors: To trim or customize the decals to fit your specific needs.

Decorating Kids' Rooms with Christmas Decals:

  1. Choose the Right Decals: Start by involving your child in the process of selecting Christmas decals. You can opt for a specific theme, like snowmen or reindeer, or mix and match various designs to create a playful, festive atmosphere.

  2. Plan the Layout: Before applying the decals, consider the room's layout and where you want to place them. Popular locations include walls, windows, doors, and even furniture.

  3. Clean the Surface: Wipe down the selected area to ensure it's free of dust and dirt. This helps the decals adhere properly.

  4. Peel and Stick: Carefully peel the backing off the decal, align it where you want it to go, and gently press it onto the surface. Start from one edge and smooth out any air bubbles as you go.

  5. Customize and Combine: Get creative by combining decals to create unique scenes. You can make a snowy landscape with snowflakes and Santa's sleigh flying across the room or create a whimsical winter forest.

  6. Personalize with Accessories: Enhance the festive atmosphere by adding other Christmas-themed decor, such as holiday-themed bedding, string lights, and a small Christmas tree or garlands.

Benefits of Decorating Kids' Rooms with Christmas Decals:

  1. Festive Atmosphere: Christmas decals instantly transform a room into a cozy, festive space, spreading holiday cheer.

  2. Personalization: Your child can take part in choosing the designs, making the decor feel more special and tailored to their tastes.

  3. Non-Permanent Decor: Unlike paint or wallpaper, decals are easily removable without leaving marks or damaging the walls.

  4. Creativity: Decorating with decals allows for creative expression and can serve as an opportunity for your child to get involved in the decorating process.


Decorating your child's room with Christmas decals is a joyful way to immerse your family in the holiday spirit. It's a simple and cost-effective way to create a warm, magical atmosphere that your child will cherish during this special time of year. So, grab your Christmas decals, involve your little ones in the process, and let the magic of the season infuse every corner of their room. Merry Christmas!