Instructions For Use - Installing HOV PPF Stickers

Install Protips:

  • Parts & tools: HOV stickers, StickerKnight (SK) stickers, 70% IPA, distilled water, squeegee (or equiv.), and microfiber cloth
  • Install stickers in a well lit and clean environment
  • Take care when setting HOV sticker onto StickerKnight (SK) sticker, as it can not be undone once applied. Do not attempt to remove once applied, as it will cause damage to HOV sticker. Slight misalignment is OK as a margin was factored in for ease of application & removal.
  • Take your time with SK sticker placement on vehicle. These steps can be done various times without damage (following the instructions detailed below):





Place HOV sticker on SK pre-cut sticker:


Partially peel back right edge of HOV sticker back


Line up right sharp edge to be parallel with SK cut out. Leave .125" gap edge to edge. 


Using your index finger, pin right sharp edge down and roll HOV sticker onto SK sticker from right to left by removing sticker backing

Recommend: Use a flat edge (e.g. credit card) to roll HOV sticker onto SK sticker to ensure smooth and no air bubbles get trapped between

Clean car target surface location using 70% IPA and microfiber cloth

Recommend using 70% IPA to ensure clean surface, but not required to apply sticker


Place HOV SK sticker onto car:


Wet hands with water

Recommend using a spray bottle for even application 


Remove the plastic backing from SK sticker


Apply water to adhesive surface


Spray water on target surface location


Slide sticker on target location, left to right to prevent air bubbles getting trapped


Starting from inside to outer edge, use a squeegee or equivalent to flatten sticker out, squeeze bubbles out, and remove solution from behind sticker


Wipe surface with dry cloth to remove excess solution


Check for blistering

If unhappy with sticker placement, peel from right edge and start at Op 2.1


Let dry completely for max drying time of 48 hours

Recommend not washing or letting water get onto sticker while drying