HOV PPF Sticker - Full Set
HOV PPF Sticker - Full Set

HOV PPF Sticker - Full Set

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Have you been hesitant to place those High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) stickers on your car?

"The first set of stickers were a pain in the a** to remove and left surface blemishes...I learned my lesson, never again."

"Maybe I'll just install 1 on the back, keep the others in my glove box just in case..."

"Why would I risk ruining my paint job? It's obvious my car is a clean air vehicle..."

"I fear the day I have to remove them and leave a residue sticker mark. Not worth it..."

Unfortunately, all these situations could be quite costly if either caught or unsuccessful attempt to separate the stickers from their surface. 

If only there was a solution...fear no more! StickerKnight to the rescue!

HOV paint protection film sticker set machine cut for easy install.

Take your time getting the placement just right. When it's time, remove entire sticker without damaging your paint job.

Made of 3M clear paint protection film, 8 mil (0.008") thick. Full set comes with 2 small and 2 large machine cut stickers.

Redesigned to be compatible with PURPLE California HOV carpool stickers. RED still available, just select in drop down menu.

Note: This product does not include HOV stickers, which are issued by CA DMV :)